1. Pool Permitting - Our administrative team at the office will make all of the arrangements to process the necessary permits and inspections.

Once our experts have helped  you decided on the ideal swimming pool to fit your lifestyle desires and budget, the contract is set in motion, the construction of your backyard dream begins.

Pool Design and construction


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6. Plumbing - Trenches are dug, and the pipes routed from their origin to the pre-selected location where they will be attached to the pump, filter, heater, etc. We will make sure the pipes are properly pressurized to achieve a leak free circulation of water to and from your pool. 

4. Steel - The steel crew will begin putting in a cage made out of steel bars bent to fit the contour of your pool. Plumbing, filters, jets, floor cleaning systems, and light housings will also be installed at this time. 

2. Layout - is the first physical step in the construction of your pool. We will create an outline of the shape of your pool to then begin excavation. 

8. Pool Orientation - To ensure quality, our team will personally show you how to properly use and maintain your new pool.

7. Brick and Tile Labor - The time required for this phase directly depends on the tile or brick chosen. The quality installation of your tile or brick by our professionals will be the most visible feature when your pool is complete. 

3. Digging - Fences and other obstructions will be taken into consideration before digging begins. The hole will be shaped to the proper depth and dimensions agreed upon. 

​We now have the ability to give you an eco-friendly pool using the Bionizer chlorine-free pool systems.

5. Shell Shoot / Deck Grading - Concrete will be pumped into the pool and then cut by hand to desired specifications. Steps and benches will  also be shaped. After a few days, the remaining dirt will be leveled and its surrounding areas will be graded to its original state. 

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